Lil Kesh Says He Quits Music


Nigerian actress, scriptwriter and digital filmmaker, Omoni Oboli yesterday, posted a picture of her son making puff puff for the first time, while also encouraging mothers to teach their sons to cook.

Internet users were not all cool , with many insinuating that she is trying to feminize her son..She shared a lenghty lambasting comment seen on a popular Nigerian blog and wrote;

‘So #Omonifam, yesterday I posted a picture of my son making puff puff for the first time while I encouraged moms of boys to teach their sons to cook. Swipe to read a comment I saw on twitter. I think it’s a comment from the story (not sure, someone screen munched it and put it on Twitter). Ladies and gentlemen, let’s discuss…what do y’all really think? Is this wrong? I need to know your thoughts. Bless you ??❤ #MamaBoys #ProudNunuMom #ChildOfGrace
Edit: PS: This post is not meant to insult anyone. It’s just for discussion purposes. After all, we are all here to learn. Peace and love ❤️’

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