Nigeria Entertainment Awards (NEA Awards), the continent’s premier Entertainment Awards for Nigerians and Africans has announced the call to entry for the 2016 edition of the NEAs.

Tope Esan, Executive Producer, NEA Awards, said: “We are pleased to announce the call to entry for the 2016 edition of the NEAs. Over the years, we have solidified our staple categories and at the same time we keep redefining some categories in order to adjust to industry changes. This year, we have added some new categories to cover certain entertainment segments that have proven to last the test of time and now worthy of recognition. For the 11th edition of the NEAs, we are inviting all entries for works that have been made public from May 1st 2015 to April 30th 2016.”

The NEAs was created to celebrate the amazing talent and contributions of Nigerian and African Entertainers to a thriving global entertainment industry while also serving as a bridge between the talents and their international fan base.

Azeem Jolasun, Executive Producer, NEA Awards, said: “We are very excited about this years NEAs especially as we redirect our focus back to our core vision as an organization, which is to provide great entertainment for Nigerians and Africans from the global entertainment capital, New York City. The 2016 edition of NEAs will make it eleven years of celebrating Nigeria’s finest entertainment talents.”

Speaking on the event specific preparation, Cosmas Collins, Executive Producer, NEA Awards, said: “Preparations have begun for the 11th NEAs, we are looking at ways to expand on what we have established for the last 10 years. We are looking at bigger venues and working to deliver bigger production for this year’s event.”

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The NEAs has drawn the biggest names from the continent’s entertainment industry and this year promises to be elevated to another level.

For sponsorship inquires please contact us at + 2348094560698 (in Nigeria) and +13472002509 or +12155148500 (in North America).


For the 11th edition of the NEAs, the organizers are inviting all entries for works publicly exhibited from May 1st 2015 to April 30th 2016.

Entries close on May 15th 2016. Please see entry guidelines below:




Go to www.neaawards.org


Click on Nomination page – “Nominees”


Review all the categories that apply. Please note we have added new categories and modified old one.


Fill out the submission form and upload materials.

Film / Television Categories: Submit Award Nomination footage (Length: Min 10 minutes, Max 30 minutes)

Music Categories: Submit Link to Song (one link per song) and include YouTube link for Video.

Other Categories: Submit short bio focusing primarily on work for period of Award consideration only.


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