Burna Boy’s mum promises more Madness

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Bose Ogulu, Burna Boy’s Mom

The soundcityMVP Award Festival, despite its ups and down, with wins and losses, had a major highlight that came through at the end of the show… Mama Burna!

Burna Boy who due to unavoidable tasks had to be in Accra so couldn’t be there to receive his awards, sent his mother, Bose Ogulu, in his stead and without saying a word, her confidence and energy she took to the stage revealed resemblance in charisma shared between mother and son.


Receiving the awards, Mama Burna revealed that although she is supposed to be sleeping, she is happy she came out for the award festival and happier that her son’s talent is no longer being ignored as real talents are now being recognized.

She said;

Dem say e dey crase, e no normal… thank you, thank you (she says to the crowd) for enthroning talents tonight. Thank you Soundcity. Burna is out of the country, he asked me to personally be here. I should be asleep by now but i’m glad i came. Thank you the fans who has hung around through thick and thin. Thank you for 2018, 2019 expect more madness!”


This energy and confidence she exudes show us the apple definitely isn’t far from the tree as “Mama Burna” made the internet rounds. Even Davido commented on the proud mother’s attitude on Twitter where he said “Mama BURNA a whole vibe!” while others social media users talked about how cool Burna Boy’s mother is in excepting him and all of his madness.

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