[GIST]: Klhoe Kardashian Almost Gets Eaten By Hungry Lions In Mexico

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Khloe Kardashian almost got eaten by lions in a trip to Mexico on a sneak peak of KUWTK Dec.13
The reality tv star said she has been stressed out and needs to relax, following the advice of her mother kris Jenner, she decided to go to Mexico and interact with animals as some form of “therapy”.
Klhoe and her sister Kendall Jenner decided to take a trip to Mexico, they were seen relaxing and laughing while playing with the lion cubs. But when  klhoe decided to go into the adult lion cage things turned for the worst as she almost became thier launch.
Scared and frightened klhoe backs up to the fence while a trainer pressed himself on her in hope of keeping the hungry lions and leopard away from her. Kendall Jenner shout “Khloe don’t run” and also adds ” this is insane.oh my God”.
How insane is this really. What do you think, would you have gone into the adult lion cage if you were klhoe?.
Watch the video here.


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