[MUSIC]: VALKIZ (@Valkiz) - I LOVE YOU -


Permit me to get a little controversial.. I dont know why alot of my Christian ‘religious’ folks think its bad to sing love Songs,  I think it does seem so, cause the Church and love songs don’t mix well.
We’ve heard so many songs about infatuation  which ‘they’ call love songs. ‘They’ have given us a wrong definition/impression of what love is. If anyone should sing about love the way it should be, the right way, it should be us. Most of us Christians keep acting like we don fall in love or that singing about it is so canal.
I think that love is a beautiful thing and the Bible so well emphasizes that. God is love, love is God and I can’t stop singing about him. This song is dedicated to true (LOVE) and to everyone out there who believes love still exits.


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